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Follow these steps to SMART SEARCH

Step 1 - Selecting your Sub-Site ie Your City or Town
Step 1 – Selecting your Sub-Site ie Your City or Town

>Log on to (Main Site)

>From the drop down Main Menu of  SELECT, click on States or Union Territories
>Click on the relevant State or Union Territory and the Folder will expand to find your City or Town
>If the desired City or Town does not appear in the list, go to the Yellow Box and Click the link provided there to submit your query.
>Click on the desired City or Town and you will be taken to the concerned City or Town Sub-Site
>Ensure you are on the HOME page of the Sub-Site. Make sure by checking the City Label on the left hand top corner and you see the Welcome to “Name of the relevant City or Town” screen appears
>Scroll down (about half of the screen) to see the Search Bar. You will find the same between the Map on top and the Events Calendar on the bottom
>In the Search Bar, you will find Three Boxes, followed by the Search Icon
>The first box is a drop down menu to enable you Select PLACES or EVENTS. If you are searching for a place, Select PLACES and if you are searching for events, Select EVENT
>The second box is SEARCH FOR, where you can enter the word(s) of your Search. Based on what you enter, you will see a drop down list, from where you can select the appropriate Search Key Word(s). Once you enter your Search Key Word(s), the site will populate based on your search and you can notice the Search Icon turning into Running Circles to show that it is populating the Search Key Word(s). If the Key Word(s) is in the site listings, a drop down list will appear and you can select the same with your cursor
>The third box is for searching in your neighbourhood. You can enter the neighbourhood and it will populate. You can select the neighbourhood from the drop down list
>Now that you entered the required Search Details, Click on the Search Icon
Step 2 - Search Result Listings

Step 2 – Search Result Listings

>A new page will come up, showing a list of the listings associated with search Key Word(s) entered by you

>You can change the view by clicking the View Button and Select your desired View
>On the Search Result Listings Page, you will find a Map on the right panel. On the Map you will find the Search Result Listings appearing with the Category Icons
>You can view a snapshot of the listings by clicking on the Category Icon on the Map
.Now click on any one of the Search Result Listings to view more details of the Listing. This will open a another page, known as Details Page
Step 3 - Detailed View

Step 3 – Detailed View

The first Detailed view will show the first image that is added at the time of ADD LISTING on the Top Section with a Parallax Effect as you scroll down or up. As you scroll down further, you will see on the left side: Title of the Listing, Address, Phone Number, Review, Category(ies) under which the listing has been listed; and on the right side: Some buttons like Write a Review, Send Enquiry (this will appear when Email Id has been added at the time of ADD LISTING), Send to A Friend (This will appear when a Mobile Number has been added at the time of ADD LISTING), Favourite button (heart shaped button), and three social share buttons.

>When you scroll down further, you will see more detailed information of the listing, divided into sections or tabs on the left side. You will also see more information on the right side: Category, Address, Time, Time, Phone Number, Website and other Links as provided in the Listing
>Now clicking on the Tabs will show info under that Tab. Let’s see the MORE INFO Tab
>Now, let’s see Photo Tab to see the photos in the listing. Clicking on the individual photo will result in the image pop-up with light box effect and by clicking the right or left arrow key on the key board, other photos can be viewed
>Similarly, other Tabs can be clicked to see more detailed info under those Tabs (Video Tab, Spl Addl Info Tab,Map Tab and Review Tab
>An important feature is that you can send this listing to a friend or send enquiry to the business listing owner seeking more info by clicking on the SEND ENQUIRY and SEND TO FRIEND buttons. Clicking the button will open a pop-up, where you can fill in the particulars and hitting the SEND button. By doing this, email will be sent through our servers

This is the END of this Tutorial for SMART SEARCH.


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